Compact, mobile

One DreamStops unit contains more individual capsules which all have climatization control, comfortable beds and other unique solutions to make your stay more desirable.

Safer transport

Our aim is to provide cheap, comfortable traveling for motorway drivers, to reduce accidents caused by Drowsiness at the wheel.

Simple, affordable

Its available capsules can be booked on mobile app even at the moment of arrival. Payment is easy with cash at nearby petrol stations or by card via app or web platform.


The energy consumption of each DreamStops unit is lowered by renewable energy systems.

About DreamStops

The world’s first compact mobile capsule hotel provider.

Every DreamStops Single unit contains 6 hourly-rate rental capsules, which all can accommodate 1 person per capsule.

1 Single Capsule’s hourly rate averages 4.5/$5.2

Minimum rental period is 4 hours.

Every DreamStops Double unit contains 4, hourly-rate rental capsules, which all can accommodate 2 people per capsule.

1 Double Capsule’s hourly rate averages 7.5/$8.5

Minimum rental period is 4 hours.

Payment options: Cash at petrol stations, bank card through website and smartphone app.

With our built-in Wi-Fi tablets or by manual switches you can easily set your capsule’s environment.

Temperature, lighting, humidity, door opening, alarm clock, chargers, music.

We provide free Wi-Fi for our customers.

The product is fully automated with self-leveling system, movable solar panels and CCTV for your safety.

It takes 1 hour to fully set in place and activate a DreamStops container unit.

If needed, sanitary containers can be provided.

Capsule doors can be opened by NFC compatible phone, reservation codes or access card.

The solar panel’s capacity is sufficient for half of our annual energy consumption, based on full house.

Solar panel capacity: 4,5 KW

E-car charger’s energy supply is provided by provider’s network.

Safer, cheaper and more comfortable

motorway travel

What does DreamStops look like?

View DreamStops concept photos

We are planning to install the first DreamStops Units after the end of the campaign, i.e. on 09/09/2019 at latest, so you will definitely be able use your purchased passes and take a rest at DreamStops next year.

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