Welcome to DreamStops!

DreamStops is the world’s first compact, mobile capsule hotel service whose main goal is to make motorway travel safer, cheaper and more comfortable. Our product is also the world’s biggest smart electronic unit. From the very first moment of this concept’s birth we thrive to make this service as eco-friendly as possible, that’s why we will install solar panels on the roof of every unit which will provide half of its annual energy consumption and also have a roof-like attribute. Our company’s philosophy is the importance of eco-friendliness, effectiveness and value for money.

DreamStops is an innovative product which is integrally a Hungarian invention. Our aim is to provide cheap, comfortable travel for motorway drivers, to reduce accidents caused by Drowsiness at the wheel. All this for half of the price of actual European motorway hotels’ prices. Our service will be available to the whole of Europe and USA. Our plan is to have this service in every motorway services, in the proximity of petrol stations, busy roads and hubs, outdoor festivals and other specific points based on consumer needs. Our team of professionals in their specific domains was carefully selected to achieve the flawless result of this project. With the help and expertise of these companies we can be positive of this result. Earlier business meetings prove us that petrol companies would be willing to offer the space needed for our capsule units.

DreamStops hotel is a capsule hotel network. The capsules are made inside containers. One DreamStops unit contains more individual capsules which all have air conditioning control, comfortable beds and other unique solutions to make your stay more desirable. To help market needs we made it easily transportable and easily installable in places with higher demand. DreamStops hotel is an hourly-rate service. Its available capsules can be booked on mobile app even at moment of arrival. Payment is easy with cash at nearby petrol stations or by card via app or web platform. The energy consumption of each DreamStops unit is lowered by renewable energy systems. Optionally, the unit will have electric car charger plugs. DreamStops hotel network offers an innovative and comfortable solution for a reasonable price and a high-quality service to the tired traveler.