For investors

Pre-order units

In order to pre-order units, we need to inform you that a minimum of 4 unit orders are required. In addition, we can provide other discounts for larger orders. You can get more information about our prices and products in our products menu. If you can, please contact us as soon as possible for personal consultation! The pre-order function was created so that we can pick up your orders as soon as possible and deliver the units to you accurately. After delivery, just a quick 1-hour set up, and the product will be ready for use.

This option is available after the development period has been closed.


The rental of advertising space is assured through advertisements placed on the surface of the units operated by us, we are also able to implement the full design of the advertisements. If you have got pre-designed advertisement, we can apply it to the surfaces too. It is possible to rent both partial and full surfaces, as well as the interior space of the cabins. Furthermore in the places we have designated and on the units operated by us, you can display various ads.

This option is available after the development period has been closed.

For travel agencies

In case of larger bookings, we offer discounts for travel agencies, which can be used over a 1200-hour order, both in units operated by us and in units not operated by us. In case of any orders exceeding this hour number, please, get in contact with our staff! But this option is only available in limited number, this option serves the improvement of the service level, and will be based on the feedback of these guests.

This option is available after the development period has been closed.

Other investment opportunities

We offer investment opportunity for private investors, whereby they can buy ownership on a percentage basis. Proportional to the percentage acquired, starting profit production, we pay dividends. This investment opportunity is highly limited, therefore, please, announce your intent to our colleagues as soon as possible! This investment opportunity is available until the start of the company’s profit production.

For users

Pre-purchased booking codes are available for a period of 4, 8, 12 hours for our single and double capsules. These codes can be purchased with discount on our indiegogo campaign. All codes can be activated on our website after the launch of the product and service. All codes can be resold. The code and the relevant invoice will be sent to your email address given on indiegogo within 72 hours after your purchase.